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Public Safety

Downtown Grand Rapids Safety Ambassadors

Downtown Grand Rapids Safety Ambassadors operate – on foot, bicycle, and Segway – in the downtown district six days a week, generally between the hours of 7AM and 3AM. For assistance call (616) 250-8263.

GRPD Community Police Officers include:

  • Officer Jason Stoke,450-6205, (Downtown/Heartside)

  • Officer Eric Gizzi, 401-6146,, (Downtown/Heartside)

  • Officer Ernie Stafford 616 318 6554 (serving downtown)

Additional resources

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Certification Lieutenant Mike Maycroft (616) 456-3352

  • Vice Unit: 616-456-4800

The police department makes crime reports available online at on the police department website.

  • Emergency Number: 911

  • Non Emergency Number: 616-456-3400

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